Welcome to my original audio gallery!

This page contains a playlist of my original audio tracks.
All these tracks have been composed with Linux Multimedia Studio (LMMS) and recorded/edited with Cool Edit Pro2.
Each track is followed by a quick description of it. Click on the title to download or play it!

Thank you for listening!

Aegis Reflector

An original track inspired by the name of a super-move from the game Street Fighter 3rd Strike. Although that game had a totally different soundtrack, this track is, in fact, full of experimentation in rythm and sounds.


An heavy track inspired by the band Admiral Angry. Pretty much a 1minute sample, actually. Heavy and dramatic.

Aphex Twinning

A weird song inspired by Aphex Twin, composed with a lot of experimentation in rythm and melodies. I'm not one of his biggest fans, but I surely recognize him as one of the masters in electronic music and as a real source of inspiration.


A minimal and creative track, such like the previous song, this one is inspired by the works of Aphex Twin, but it's different in shape and rythm, also conceptual thematic is really different and possibly less complex, more linear.

Best Of My Negative Side (Album)

A collection of 29 fast, aggressive, punky metal tracks made in August 2017; a selection of tracks from the "Negative Side" personal playlist/album feautured on my Soundcloud profile. Theme of the songs are really "emotional", so don't mind the vulgar language of titles because the music is far worse. Hosted on Google Drive.


Original track inspired by Spyro games (for PS1) soundtracks. What I really liked of that game was the sense of "wonder" given by certain tracks which were really relaxing and helping the exploring the gameplay. This track is inspired by such vibes, while keeping a different style (and quality, of course).


An original track following a concept theme that is similar to "The Cult". It is composed as a simple melody, with various instruments which were chosen to reflect the aura of certain games like Tomb Raider. Many instruments have been used to make this track, although the final result is not really "professional", just an attempt to get the feel of "old, forgotten, secret, unknown, etc.".

Body Transfer

The theme of this song is para-psychology, empathy and metempsicosis. It's an highly experimental track, I mean that I wasn't following a particular criteria to compose and record this track. As for many others of my tracks, you can love it or hate it, also because the concept of the track is really hard even to explain.

Boss Select

A cover track feautured in the game "Faidar" (available in the "Games" section of this site). This track is based on the boss select menu screen from the game Megaman for NES. It follows a more intense beat, more aggressive sounds and obsessive loops. It has a different dynamism, if compared to the original one, and it was really fun to make this one.

Bowser Theme

Electronic Music Cover of the famous Bowser's theme from the game Super Mario 64. It includes the "Ultimate Koopa" version of the theme, which wasn't composed to full extension, but just simplified (if compared to the original track). That final part gives me chills when listening to it, I think I've made a good job with this one, it reeks evil.

Burning Sun

My remix of Crowbar's song. Contains guitar sample from the original song "I feel the Burning Sun".


My original and controversial re-interpretation of Nirvana's song Tourette. This song is actually a mocking/joke song, but the creativity I've putted in here was enough to make me believe to host it here on this page. A hard-to-listen song.

Chakra Blast

An original track feautured in the game "Faidar" (available in the "Games" section of this site). This track is not one of my best ones, but I'm proud of it anyway and I think it deserves to stay in the music gallery.


Cogito is a semi-original track, made of some downloaded beats + personal touch. The name comes from the latin " Cogito ergo sum " ( " I Think Therefore I exist "). Like many other songs of mine, it's really complex and difficult to be liked.

Countdown of a Nightmare

Experimental track inspired by Resident Evil OST, especially inspired by the scenes in which a countdown goes on. The track is quite macabre and goes increasingly tensing as time goes on, till a moment of total confusion. It's a short 1-minute track.

Collecting Water

Mainly inspired by the work of a japanese music author called Akira Yamaoka and the OST of Silent Hill. It tries to follow the same vibes, with a slightly different approach. It's made of dark atmospheres and it was ideally intended to be used in horror-like games, such as Silent Hill. Many have claimed this track ends too quickly, that's how I like it because it's more depressive this way, leaving the listener unsatisfied.

Conspiracy of the Self

The inspiration behind the title of this track comes from spy movies, but the concept here is about paranoia, a conspiracy against your own self. There is a bit of sarcasm in this song, but the overall result was really experimental and it was fun to make this one.

The Cult

This track is similar to Becoming, but it has a more deep, evil,misterious touch, a more massive beat, different main theme, melodies and synths.

Destroy Planet Earth

Destroy Planet Earth is an original song made of nice/pure synths and experimental beats. All Original. It's inspired by the YTMND meme "Cat on a keyboard in space". It's a bit experimental, I guess.


A really distorted song, mainly produced with the use of "Decimator" fx. It's a really hard-to-listen song, with some experimental touches here and there. Surely not a track anyone can appreciate fully.

Digital Nirvana

Digital Nirvana is an original, simplistic and minimal song I've made years ago. It's not related to Nirvana the band, rather to the concept of attaining a false state of peace for the mind by the use of technology, therefore the instruments and synths used for this track try to reflect this theme.

Divide by 0

Another experimental track produced during my first experimentation era. Just like many other tracks of mine, this one is hard to explain and hard to listen and being appreciated. Not for anyone, I guess.


One of my first original electronic tracks (produced with the nickname of "50m3"). This track was actually a winning one in some contests at Number1Music (or I don't know how it's called now), a site gathering music artists. It was on the top downloads, and it was a surprising result because I didn't put much effort to make this. This means the average listener must be fucking stupid. This track also didn't feature original beats, but samples (that's what people really like, lol?).Thanks for the award anyway, N1M!

Dry Bones

This is just a short chiptune-like song, inspired by the Nintendo character Dry Bones. It's a itchy track, made during a moment of boredom, another creative attempt possibly gone wrong, according to the listener's point of view.

Easy Left

Original experimental track. Not much to say about this one, I thought about Rally games when composing it, so it's like suited for racing games or inspired by racing sports in some way.

Fear Fear Fear

Electronic original track inspired by Resident Evil soundtrack. It's inspired by dodecaphonic music, but I'm not a great fan of it, it gives me nightmares and it's plain boring. It's supposed to be a track that puts the listener in a state of anxiety, doubt and terror.


Original track inspired by the game "Tenchu" and feautured in the game "Faidar" (available in the "Games" section of this site). It's one of my favourite creations, I really don't know why, probably because I was really inspirated by the game Tenchu, although Tenchu has a really different soundtrack, I just took the concept of stealth killing games as inspiration.


Experimental track, with no drums or rythmic part. One day I had the impression of being dead while waking up, the sounds you hear in this track are almost exact represantation of the sound hallucinations I had in that state of mind. So, I guess the main theme of this song is OBE, out of body experience.

Functionally Literate

Original experimental track. Can't say much about this one, the title is sarcastic, it all is really experimental, inspired by "credit rolls" music at the end of movies and games. Nothing special.

Kid Icarus

This is another messy, minimalistic track made of just one synth and drums (anything pretty much distorted), as tribute of the game Kid Icarus. One of my favourite ones, even if the result is not that great. The main theme here is adventure, innocence, wonder. I really like the dirty purity of this song and I'm proud of it, even if it's a really short song. I will probably develop it further in the future, who knows.


NOT inspired by the game "Hatred", this is an original and experimental track. This track was feautured in my game, "Faidar", but it's not one of my favourite as it's plain boring even to me.

Hungry For Vengeance

A track which is featured in my MUGEN game "Faidar". Messing around with "hardcore" style in here, but not a great result, in my opinion, still deserves to be here.


Infection is a really weird track. Another experimental one. I think it's drum'n'bass but at some point it slows down. I don't even know if liking this track or not, as I've used many beat samples to make it. I wasn't really inspired, just experimenting. Probably to be developed further in the future.

Artificial Intelligence

This is an experimental track I've made with inspiration by Aphex Twin. The main theme here is robotics, information technology and such themes, so the sounds and synths as well the rythms try to represent such themes.

L'Amour Tojour

My personal re-interpretation/cover of the famous Gigi D'Agostino's track. I should be ashamed of this, but actually I like the main motif/theme/riff. This track is really different, according to my tastes is way better than plain, boring dance music, it has more variants and experimentations in it, if compared to the original one.

Space to Space

This is a cover song of the song Space To Space by Boredoms, a track which is featured in the movie Ichi the Killer, a really perverted movie inspired by a really perverted manga. Therefore this track is kinda perverted too.

Kung Fu City Ransom

This track is a cheaptune/8-bit style track, obtained with the use a LMMS plugin called "Nescaline". This plugin allows experimenting with Nintendo-style synths and this is one of my experiments with it, composing a track with just black keys to make an ideal soundtrack for a Kung Fu Fighting style game (such as River City Ransom, by which the title of the track in inspired). The track is beatless, willingly to represents a rather different town with natural elements and calm attitude. This track starts with a basic bass line, then increases in melodies and "musical decorations".


This is my "cheaptune" version of the song Hahahaha by Flipper, an old punk rock band. Like Cheaptune, this is a joke song that survived my extremely righteuous criteria of selection, and now it's here ready to annoy the listener. Just kidding.

Law's Arranged Theme (Hard Rock Cover)

This is my cover version of Keichi Okabe's Forest Law Theme, from the Tekken3 OST. Hard Rock version. I just loved the original one, I personally think that Namco Sound Team is unbeatable, so this is not trying to compete with the original one which will always remain one of the best videogame tracks I've ever listened to (even if it seems that Paul's main riff has a similar replica in Virtua Striker's OST, so I would probably think that Namco Sound Team uses samples? This is not even related to my song, anyway).


Experimental original track inspired by the game Super Mario. The funny part is that there is no Level 9 in Super Mario. It isn't funny, I know, in fact the theme here is the unknown world, reincarnation and death. Not funny at all, I know.

Lucifer Song (Ufomammut Cover)

Electronic cover of Lucifer Song of the band Ufomammut. Totally different than the original one, surely worse, but still deserving its place here, together with others of my experimentation. A scary scary track with a dark satanic theme. Not for kids.

Lucifer Song (Ufomammut Cover, version 2)

Second coming of the song above. Actually none of them really satisfied me as final result, just posting them here in order to say I've tried my best. But actually beauty is in the ear of the listener, so I give up judging my own work.

Mad Blood

Metalcore / heavy / doom track conceptually based on a evil, fearful, menacing character devoted to destruction, chaos, evil and dark atmosphere.

Mistery of the Sefirots

An original track, started as cover of the song "Jerusalem" of the band Sleep. Turned out differently during composition, really different. The main theme is inspired by the Qaballah book, who's mistery is still alive to me, I mean I don't really understand what Moshe Idel wrote in the book I've finished reading right after making this song. I guess I'm not clever enough to understand Judaism.

Mood Hacker

This track is an electronic cover of Lee's theme from the game Art Of Fighting. It's really different, with more variants, more aggressive beats, original beats, a different development. I think I like this more than the original one.


Sample track from my first years of music productions. Another experimental track, with really harsh beats but still one of my favourites, especially for the bass section which was really balanced with the higher part of the melodies. The main theme is space-time distortion. This song should have been more developed, more long, but I like it how it is.


Original experimental track. This song is actually a total disaster, a complete abortion, a recording error, lol. Uploading this here just to make the listener laugh about it.

New Man Born

Like Burning Sun, another cover of a track by the band CrowBar. Nothing much to say about this one, I've just used the guitar sample from the original song and tried to put a custom beat with it, to make a slightly different version, a remix of sort.


This is a track I've made for a MUGEN stage, a remake of Ogre's stage, so this is a remake of the soundtrack from Tekken3. Short, designed as loop, not really developed.


An original track, and bad recorded one. Not one of my favourite ones, but still a track that can be take place here in this audio gallery. It's inspired by one of the little creatures which can be found in the countryside area where I live.

Ouf Of Body Experience

Experimental original track. This is a funny one, a development of another song of mine with a larger intro, a rythmic crazy part, and weird bass section. Must-listen.


Another short concept track. One of those experimental tracks I make each time I'm really bored, inspired by casual things like smoking cigarettes or trivial/superficial concepts.


My cover version of Max Payne's theme. It's not really developed, and should be more developed in the future, if I'll be willing to.


Experimental original track. As suggested by the title, this song is really stupid. Nothing much to say about this one, I kind like it anyway, the result was enough to grant this track its permanence in this audio gallery.


This is a short trash/sludge metal I've done for a MUGEN stage (AOF Jack's Stage, 3d remake). It's not inspired by Lorenzo Lamas' TV series, but rather the activity of being a renegade or a rejected. Composition and linearity of this song don't make me totally proud of this. Also this song is really short, designed to be played in loop.


Original ambient song inspired by the movie Bladerunner.

Recursive Habits

Experimental original track that has psychology as main inspiration theme.

Revenge Of The Shy Boy

Original track inspired by the Nintendo character "Shy Guy".

The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah

My electronic cover of the track by Therion (Vovin album). I've made this track just by using SF2 synths, I'm kinda proud of it as I think it's a good replica of the original one. Of course it's not exactly like the original one, the original one is clearly better, but it was worth the effort to emulate the composition of it.

Rooftop Encounter

An original track inspired by the soundtracks of cop/police TV series I'm used to watch here and then.

Rythmic Allucination

Cover of the "Orochi Team" theme song, from the game King Of Fighter '97.


This is my re-interpretation/cover of Samara's theme from Gore Verbisnki's movie The Ring.


Electronic cover of the dance song Sandstorm by Darude.


Original experimental track with a creative use of melodies and a limited quantity of synths/rythm.

Shirokuni C62

This is a cover song of Yamazaki's Theme from the game Real Bout Fatal Fury. The original one is clearly better, this is a sort of hard-rock reinterpretation with a more aggressive beat, muted guitars and such "hardness", with less solos and melody. Yamazaki, I love that character.


An original ambient/soundtrack designed for environments such as "temple ruins" or something like it. This song is really similar in theme to The Cult and other tracks of mine.


A-side version of Decimator track, not really different than Decimator. An hard-to-listen aggressive track.


Experimental original track produced in my first years of music production. The quality of this song is nope, but the composition of it makes me a little proud of it.

The Journey

Original trance/ambient track. As above, one of my first experimentations with the genre.

The Key

Original experimental track. Just as above, but really different in terms of melody and rythm. The theme of this song is finding solutions to problems.

The Mansion

Original melodic track inspired by horror B movies.

Todo's Theme

Sort of "Rock'n'Roll" cover of Todo's Theme from the game "Art of Fighting".


One of my first minimal-experimental short tracks.


This track is an electronic cover of Tung's theme from the game Real Bout Fatal Fury.


This is a cover of the menĂ¹ screen soundtrack from the Demo1V6 PlayStation disc. The original one was one of the best electronic track I've ever listened to, it was must-to-remake track in my opinion. My version is really different than the original one, as I focused on the development of further melodies around the main epic riff every PSX gamer can remember.

Underwater (Almost Identical Version).mp3

As above, but following a style which is closer to the original version of the song.

Unfinished Cyborg

Experimental original track.


Original ambient track, inspired by Silent Hill OST. A really calm and relaxing track.


Vegaman is a joke title made of the words Vegan and Megaman (videogame). Original electronic track.


Eletronic experimental track inspired by the name of a super-move from the game Street Fighter 3rd Strike.


This is a sort of hip-hop/rap base, inspired by The Windmill Song from the videogame Zelda: Ocarina of Time. A nice experimentation.

1 Hour Ambient Mix

An ensemble of different electronic tracks produced during my first years of music production, remixed in a single ambient track. It's a sort of quiet destruction of many of those songs I didn't particularly like, I totally erased their beats, used different synths, lenghtened their structure, made them almost "liquid".

Pathologically Omnivore (Full Album)

This is a 200+ tracks album, of instrumental gore/trash/sludge/doom metal tracks, done with the sole use of SF2 plugins and some editing here and there. The theme of this album is veganism, the title is intentionally sarcastic. It is feautured on my Soundcloud account only, which also contains more tracks by me (most of them are just joke, nonsensical, experimental tracks.