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Welcome to my original audio gallery.
All tracks have been made with the use of Linux Multimedia Studio (LMMS) and slightly edited with Cool Edit Pro2.
Click on each title to play or download the mp3 track.
This audio gallery is constantly updated.
Aegis Reflector
An original track inspired by the name of a super-move from the game Street Fighter 3rd Strike.

Aphex Twinning
A weird song inspired by Aphex Twin.

A minimal and creative track inspired by Aphex Twin.

Original track inspired by Spyro games (for PS1) soundtracks.

An original track following a concept theme that is similar to "The Cult".

Body Transfer
The theme of this song is para-psychology, empathy and metempsicosis.

Boss Select
This track is based on the boss select menu screen from the game Megaman for NES.

Bowser Theme
Electronic Music Cover of the famous Bowser's theme from the game Super Mario 64. It includes the "Ultimate Koopa" version of the theme.

Burning Sun
My remix of Crowbar's song. Contains guitar sample from the original song "I feel the Burning Sun".

My original and controversial re-interpretation of Nirvana's tourette.

Chakra Blast
An original track feautured in the game "Faidar" (available in the "Games" section of this site).

Cogito is a semi-original track, made of some downloaded beats + personal touch. The name comes from the latin " Cogito ergo sum " ( " I Think Therefore I exist ").

Collecting Water
Mainly inspired by the work of a japanese music author called Akira Yamaoka and the OST of Silent Hill.

Conspiracy of the Self
The inspiration behind the title of this track comes from spy movies.

The Cult
This track is similar to Becoming, but it has a more deep, evil,misterious touch, a more massive beat, different main theme, melodies and synths.

Destroy Planet Earth
Destroy Planet Earth is an original song made of nice/pure synths and experimental beats. All Original. It's inspired by the YTMND meme "Cat on a keyboard in space".

A really distorted song, mainly produced with the use of "Decimator" fx.

Digital Nirvana
Digital Nirvana is an original, simplistic and minimal song I've made years ago.

Divide by 0
Another experimental track produced during my first experimentation era.

One of my first original electronic tracks (produced with the nickname of "50m3").

Dry Bones
This is just a short chiptune-like song, inspired by the Nintendo character Dry Bones.

Easy Left
Original experimental track.

Fear Fear Fear
Electronic original track inspired by Resident Evil soundtrack.

Original track inspired by the game "Tenchu" and feautured in the game "Faidar" (available in the "Games" section of this site).

Experimental track, with no drums or rythmic part.

Functionally Literate
Original experimental track.

Kid Icarus
This is another messy, minimalistic track made of just one synth and drums (anything pretty much distorted), as tribute of the game Kid Icarus.

NOT inspired by the game "Hatred", an original and experimental track.

Hungry For Vengeance
A track which is featured in my MUGEN game "Faidar"

Infection is a really weird track. An experimental one.

Artificial Intelligence
This is an experimental track I've made with inspiration by Aphex Twin.

L'Amour Tojour
My personal re-interpretation/cover of the famous Gigi D'Agostino's track.

Space to Space
This is a cover song of the song Space To Space by Boredoms, a track which is featured in the movie Ichi the Killer.

This is my "cheaptune" version of the song Hahahaha by Flipper, an old punk rock band.

Law's Arranged Theme (Hard Rock Cover)
This is my cover version of Keichi Okabe's Forest Law Theme, from the Tekken3 OST. Hard Rock version.

Experimental original track inspired by the game Super Mario.

Lucifer Song (Ufomammut Cover)
Electronic cover of Lucifer Song of the band Ufomammut.

Lucifer Song (Ufomammut Cover, version 2)
Second coming.

Mistery of the Sefirots
An original track, started as cover of the song "Jerusalem" of the band Sleep. Turned out differently during composition.

Mood Hacker
This track is an electronic cover of Lee's theme from the game Art Of Fighting.

Sample track from my first years of music productions.

Original experimental track.

New Man Born
Like Burning Sun, another cover of a track by the band CrowBar.

This is a track I've made for a MUGEN stage, a remake of Ogre's stage, so this is a remake of the soundtrack from Tekken3. Short, designed as loop.

An original track, and bad recorded one.

Ouf Of Body Experience
Experimental original track.

Another short concept track.

My cover version of Max Payne's theme.

Experimental original track.

This is a short trash/sludge metal I've done for a MUGEN stage (AOF Jack's Stage, 3d remake). Very simple.

Original ambient song inspired by the movie Bladerunner.

Recursive Habits
Experimental original track.

Revenge Of The Shy Boy
Original track inspired by the Nintendo character "Shy Guy".

The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah
My electronic cover of the track by Therion (Vovin album).

Rooftop Encounter
Original track.

Rythmic Allucination
Cover of the "Orochi Team" theme song, from the game King Of Fighter '97.

This is my re-interpretation/cover of Samara's theme from Gore Verbisnki's movie The Ring.

Electronic cover of the dance song Sandstorm by Darude.

Original experimental track.

Shirokuni C62
This is a cover song of Yamazaki's Theme from the game Real Bout Fatal Fury.

An original ambient/soundtrack designed for environments such as "temple ruins" or something like it.

A-side version of Decimator track, not really different than Decimator.

Experimental original track produced in my first years of music production.

The Journey
Original trance/ambient track.

The Key
Original experimental track.

The Mansion
Original melodic track inspired by horror B movies.

Todo's Theme
Sort of "Rock'n'Roll" cover of Todo's Theme from the game "Art of Fighting" (SNK,1992).

One of my first minimal-experimental short tracks.

This track is an electronic cover of Tung's theme from the game Real Bout Fatal Fury.

This is a cover of the mený screen soundtrack from the Demo1V6 PlayStation disc

Underwater (Almost Identical Version).mp3
As above, but following a style which is closer to the original song.

Unfinished Cyborg
Experimental original track.

Original ambient track.

Vegaman is a joke title made of the words Vegan and Megaman (videogame). Original electronic track.

Eletronic experimental track inspired by the name of a super-move from the game Street Fighter 3rd Strike.

This is a sort of hip-hop/rap base, inspired by The Windmill Song from the videogame Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

1 Hour Ambient Mix
An ensemble of different electronic tracks produced during my first years of music production, remixed in a single ambient track.

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